About Us

Kin Da · กินดะ
verb. (Thai colloquialism) to indulge, especially regarding delicious food and drink.

Our Story

We are four. The journey began with an American man meeting a beautiful Thai lady in a local restaurant in Falls Church. There was then a sister, two marriages, a year in Thailand, a love of the food and culture and a plan to share. We found a perfect location in Takoma Park and decided that we needed to become part of the community and offer up some foods. The rest is history as they say, but the future will see a commitment to the highest standard, the one that keeps people coming back.

The vision for Kin Da begins with awesome food. We want the sushi to be fresh and delicious and the Thai food to be true to the tastes of Thailand. The spicy, sweet, sour and salty should blend into exquisite flavors that all can enjoy. The vision continues with great service. Thai folks are known for their hospitality and friendly style thus Kin Da’s staff have the innate ability to serve with a smile. We hope that this adds something special to every visit. And last is the price point. We want to share our food and our service with EVERYONE and these two concepts need not come with a high price tag. We want our customers to come as much as they want without breaking the bank. They should leave us with a satisfied smile 🙂

Join us and INDULGE!

A green and brown rural landscape leading into a bright blue ocean and slightly cloudy sky, done in oil paints.